Our Gait Laboratory offers Video Vector Gait (VVG) Analysis and is based in our footwear manufacturing facility in Kings Norton, Birmingham.

The Gait Laboratory uses sophisticated video technology that synchronise with a force plate. The force plate is a sensitive measuring device incorporated into the walking platform enabling reaction forces to be recorded in the frontal and sagittal plane. Stills captured from each walk are interpreted by Orthotists specialised in gait analysis. Digital analysis through BTS Engineering provides graphical data which can be used to determine the benefits of treatment.

This means that we can accurately see where the vector is located, in particular its direction and where it is in relation to the joints in the stance leg. Understanding where the force is positioned in relation to the leg is essential for accurate fine tuning of the lower limb orthotics that we manufacture and prescribe. We use video vector analysis through 3Digivec to perform this.

The Gait Analysis service provides a detailed analysis of walking to guide and support clinical interventions including neuro-rehabilitation, orthopaedic surgery, orthotics, physiotherapy programmes and prosthetics.

The aim of our work in the Gait Laboratory will produce prescriptions that are designed to:

Protect the bones & joints of the lower leg

Maintain the range of movement in the lower limbs

Return the gait to as normal as possible

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