The Matrix family is a range of carbon and glass fibre composite AFO’s, utilising our proven manufacturing technology to provide a low profile brace for the patient. This allows us to make an AFO range that is lightweight, minimalist in design with characteristics of both flexibility and rigidity consistent with efficient gait. The Matrix range of products allows the clinician the ultimate in clinical choice; all activity levels and conditions are catered for.

The Matrix range of products is made in a variety of standard sizes that are both trimmable and adjustable.

  • Dynamic ankle foot orthosis (AFO) – provides spring, resists plantar flexion and allows dorsiflexion
  • Provides a smooth transition from heel strike to toe off and can significantly improve a patient’s gait
  • Carbon glass composite foot drop splint
  • Injection moulded adjustable anterior shell
  • Dense thick padding kit allowing for greater comfort and better anatomical fit (2 padding kit’s included with each AFO)
  • Wide left or right handed reverse pull straps make applying and removing the brace easy

How is Matrix fitted?

Our Matrix range is fitted by a trained clinician in a clinic environment. The footwear selection is important when fitting a Matrix as this will ensure that the product performs correctly. The shoe should have a firm heel counter, 10mm heel pitch, non slip shoes and soles should be flexible to allow for the optimal performance of the foot plate.

The foot and calf circumference should be measured (the orthotist should refer to our sizing chart for guidance) . The users foot is then placed on the foot plate. The anterior shell should cover the tibial tubercle but should not impinge on the patella at full knee extension.

An orthotic should be placed on top of the foot plate, this can be custom, off-the-shelf or from the user’s footwear. This is used to influence strut position at the lateral ankle.

The patients foot should be placed into the shoe and the proximal strap should be fasten. By moving the orthotic in relation to the foot plate the strut can be moved in relation to the lateral malleolus and distal crest to give a more comfortable fit.

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