Trulife provide orthotic clinical services, orthoses and custom made footwear to NHS Trusts across the UK. Within these services we prescribe and provide devices that support, protect or improve the function of a limb.

We manufacture custom designed products to specific patient requirements. Most patterns and designs are created in-house. Our modern central fabrication units are in Birmingham and Sheffield have teams of skills technicians making orthoses in a wide range of materials extending from carbon and glass fibre composites, through to modern thermoplastics to the more traditional metals and leathers, which are still appropriate for some of our patients.

Our Birmingham facility houses our research and development gait analysis laboratory, with a force platform and video-based motion analysis systems. New materials and products are tested to validate function. We use the laboratory for the assessment of our more complex patients. The laboratory is also used to facilitate the training and education of our clinical staff.

The core philosophy is a belief in serving customers’ needs through excellence in product innovation, quality in everything we do, extensive education and training offerings, and development of patient care through committed and dedicated people.
Trulife products are distributed by more than 300 distributor companies worldwide. Our primary markets are the USA, Canada, the UK and Ireland, where we have our own dedicated marketing organizations. In the Americas, our products are sold under various brand names into medical supply facilities mainly, orthopedic & prosthetics (O&P), durable medical equipment (DME) and women’s health care specialty boutiques. In Western and Central Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Australasia, our product ranges are marketed through specialty distributors that sell primarily into medical supply stores and hospitals.
Trulife is committed to providing its customer with products and services of the highest quality. This is achieved through a process of continuous assessment and improvement to maintain customer satisfaction. Trulife in Tallaght, Sheffield, Birmingham and Poulsbo, through enormous effort and communication from all our staff has achieved ISO (International Standardization Organization) certification. The NSAI (National Standards Association of Ireland) applies ISO 13485:2003 Quality Management Systems to assess a medical device manufacturer’s quality systems in support of the medical device directives. This internationally recognized quality standard outlines particular quality management system requirements tailored to the manufacture of medical devices.
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